Black Power Research

Topics: Black people, Stokely Carmichael, African American culture Pages: 2 (810 words) Published: November 6, 2014

"Black Power" was seen as a way of resurrecting "Black Pride" and African-American culture. Carmichael said in 1966: "We have to do what every group in this country did - we gotta take over the community where we outnumber people so we can have decent jobs." For years, the movement's leaders said, blacks had been trying to aspire to white ideals of what they should be. Now it was time for blacks to set their own agenda, putting their needs and aspirations first. ~ NAACP condemned "Black Power" as a "menace to peace and prosperity, no negro who is fighting for civil rights can support black power, which is opposed to civil rights and integration." ~ Luther King was more diplomatic in his criticism of the phrase. He believed that the term "Black Power" was “unfortunate because it tends to give the impression of Black Nationalism, black supremacy would be as evil as white supremacy.” ~ forming for the protection of African American neighbourhoods from police brutality, the party evolved to provide social services to improve health and alleviate poverty in the inner cities. ~ King was murdered in 1968, Stokely Carmichael stated that whites murdered the one person who would prevent rampant rioting, and that blacks would burn every major city to the ground. Racial riots broke out in the black community in cities from Boston to San Francisco following King's death. As a result, the white population fled from many areas in these cities and city crews were often hesitant to enter affected areas, leaving Blacks in a dilapidated and nearly irreparable city. ~...
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