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Jarvis J. SteenCJ1000 – Intro Criminal Justice
Learning Plan 3LP3 Assignment: Justice Process
a. Booking
Typically there are 9 steps in the booking process, they are: Recording the suspect's name and the crime for which the suspect was arrested, taking a mug shot, taking the suspect's clothing and personal property into police custody, finger printing, conducting a full body search on the suspect, checking for warrants, health screening, eliciting information relevant to incarceration conditions, and DNA sample. Step 1: Recording the suspect's name and the crime in which the suspect was arrested During this process law enforcement will obtain identification and verify that the suspect is who he says he is, if he/she has no identification law enforcement will check DNA to see if suspect has been booked before. Step 2: Taking a “mug shot”

Mug have a variety of uses. It can help determine which of two people with the same name was arrested. A mug shot can help identify the suspects physical condition at the time of arrest. The reason why this is important is that later on it can be used to validate a claim of police unlawful force or brutality or to whether the suspect had been in an altercation while being arrested. Step 3: Taking the suspect's clothing and personal property into police custody

At a suspect's request, some booking officers allow suspects to keep small personal items like a wristwatch. All personal items taken from the suspect must be returned upon release from jail, unless they constitute contraband or evidence of a crime. The officer will document all articles taken to include dollars and cents. Drugs of all kind are considered contraband; the police can take them regardless of whether drug charges are filed or not. The suspect will be given a uniform and shoes to wear while being detained.

Step 4: Taking fingerprints

Fingerprints are a standard part of a booking record, and are typically entered into a nationwide database...
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