Computer Concepts

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Computer Concepts – Illustrated 8th edition
* Define computers
*Explore how computers work
*Categorize computers
*Examine personal computers
*Introduce software
*Introduce the Internet and the Web
*Understand email basics

Defining Computers

* An electronic device that:
* Accepts input
* Processes data
* Stores data
* Produces output
* Uses instructions in stored programs
Personal computer (PC)

Computer system includes:
* Hardware
Electronic and mechanical parts of the computer
* Peripheral devices
Hardware that can be added to a computer system to expand what a computer can do * Software
Computer program that tells the computer how to perform tasks

Input devices: keyboard, mouse, etc.
Output devices: monitor, printer, speakers, etc.
Digitization: Converting text, numbers, sound, photos, and video into data that can be processed by digital devices
Digital convergence: Blending several technologies into a single product

Exploring How Computers Work

Turning on a computer:
May need to enter user ID and password

Computer program or program:
Instructions that tell a computer how to carry out processing tasks

Central processing unit (CPU):
Main processor in a computer
Memory: temporarily holds data
Storage: holds data on a permanent basis
File: named collection of data that exists on a storage medium
Storage medium: hard disk, CD, DVD, flash drive, etc.
Turning off a computer:
* Microsoft Windows computer: use Start button
* Apple Macintosh computer: use Apple icon

Categorizing Computers
Personal computers include:
* Desktop computers
* Portable computers
* Notebook computers (sometimes called laptop computers) * Netbooks
* Tablet computers
Handheld computer
A personal digital assistant (PDA) with enhanced features

Powerful desktop computers designed for specialized tasks

Mainframe computer
Large, expensive computer which can process data for thousands of users Supercomputer: The term server has several meanings.
Can refer to hardware, software, or a combination of hardware and software

Examining Personal Computers
Basic parts of a desktop personal computer system
* System unit
* Display device: monitor
* Keyboard
* Mouse
* Storage devices
* Hard disk drive
* USB flash drive
* Optical drives
* Sound system
* Printer
* Network and Internet access
* Modem
* Web cam

Portable computers
* Come with built-in flat-panel monitor, keyboard, and speakers * Other devices can be connected

Computer network
* Two or more computers and other devices connected for sharing data and programs * LAN (local area network)
Internet: the largest network in the world
Introducing Software

Operating system (OS)
* Master controller for all activities that take place within a computer system * Classified as system software

Computer platform
* PC platform (also called Windows platform)
* Windows operating system
* Mac platform
* Macintosh OS
* Linux OS

Graphical user interface (GUI)
* Displays on-screen graphical controls

Application software
* Computer programs that help you use the computer to carry out tasks * Examples: Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, or Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 Sharing files depends on system compatibility

Introducing the Internet and the Web

Use the Internet to communicate with others
* Electronic mail (also called email)
* Chat group
* Instant messaging (IM)
* Internet telephony

* Also called Voice Over IP (VoIP)
* Blog

Web (short for World Wide Web)
* Collection of Web pages, interconnected through the use of hypertext or links

Introducing the Internet and the Web (continued)
A browser is used to view...
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