criminal justice fundamentals

Topics: Crime, Supreme Court of the United States, Prison Pages: 4 (1280 words) Published: May 18, 2014
1. What is the difference between retribution model of punishment and the utilitarian justification for punishment? The retributive justification for punishment focuses on what the offender deserves as a result of his or her criminal behavior and the utilitarian focus on the future criminal behavior of both the person being punished and other members of society. 2. What is retroactive justice? Utilitarian justification of punishment that views punishment as a means to repair the harm and injury caused by the crime and focuses on the victim and the community as well as the offender. 3. What is retribution? The amount of punishment imposed on the offender should equal the amount of harm done by the offender the punishment should be proportional to the seriousness of the crime and by the culpability of the offender. 4. What is a byfarquey trial?

5. What is a mandatory sentence? The minimum jail or prison sentence that must be imposed of an offender convicted of a particular type of crime especially common for drug offenses involving use of a weapon. 6. What is the most important factor in determining a sentence? Is the fixed term sentence that may be reduced if the offender behaves himself or herself while incarcerated, the offenders date of release is based on the sentence imposed minus any good time credits. 7. When fines are allocated in usually and conjunction with other kind of punishment? In intermediated sanctions. 8. Are judges allowed to punish repeated offenders harder than first offenders? Yes judges are allowed to punish harder those individuals. 9. What are intermediate sanctions? Are more severe than probation but less severe than a prison sentences example boot camps, house arrest, etc. 10. What are the 4 utilitarian justifications for punishment? Deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation and specific deterrence 11. In the case Furman V Georgia (1972)? The court ruled that the death penalty as it was administered under the existing statues was...
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