Criminal Justice System

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Criminal Justice System
Crime is an omission or act which violates laws that results to punishment of an individual. The specific omissions or acts that constitute a crime are determined by the governmental bodies from the area you live. At any given time you will most likely be subject to three sets of laws. Defined is the first set federal statute. Outlined by the state government where you live is the second set. The third set is laws enacted by local government. If conflict ever arises in local rule or state in federal law generally federal law will control. The crime or offense level will usually be set from how sever the crime. Paying a fine to being incarceration can be the range of punishment. Law means a set of rules, regulations and principles by following which the society runs. Before you can be punished for the conduct most crimes require that you complete an affirmative act. Relationship between crime and law is without the strict enforcement of the law crime cannot be prevented. The two most common models on how society determines what acts are criminal are Due Process Model and Crime Control Model. Due Process highlights rights of a group of people and an individual’s right. Courts, quality, formality and individualization are the important issues that ensure the respect of due process. Crime Control is the efficient maintenance for safety of a community. Police, quantity, informality, and standardization are considered important to be able to have crime control success. The criminal justice system is comprised of agencies at the state, federal, and local level. The legislature, the judiciary and the executive branches of the government all work together to prevent and handle crime. The criminal justice system consists of three major parts. One is the police department, whose main responsibility is, provide services to citizens needs, enforce the laws, and maintain order. Police have the task of controlling and preventing crime in...
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