Differences Between Adult and Juvenile Systems

Topics: Jury, Criminal law, Crime Pages: 2 (338 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Status in question- To determine guilt or innocence
Goal of Preceding’s- determine offenders guilt or innocence Representation- Both the adult and child have the right to council during criminal preceding’s Release- Pending trial an adult may be released through bail or released on their own recognizance ROR (the promise to return to court to face the criminal charges) Searches- Adults have rights defending them against unreasonable searches of person, home and possessions. Nature of Proceedings- The nature of proceedings in the adult court is adversarial. Trials- Adult trials are open to the public, adults have the right to a trial by jury. Public Record- the results of the trial remain public record Conviction/Delinquency- Adults when convicted are punished. Treatment or rehabilitation may be an option. Self-Incrimination- Both adults and juveniles are protected against self-Incrimination Arrests- Adult arrests require a warrant.

Treatment- adult offenders have no right to treatment other than medical treatment. Incarceration- Adults are held in adult jail or prison facilities.

Status in question- Determine delinquency, whether the individual committed an act or violated a status offense. Goal of Preceding’s- Best interest of the child; regardless of guilt or innocence. Representation- Both the adult and child have the right to council during criminal preceding’s Release- Pending the hearing the minor may be released into the custody of his/her parent/guardian Searches- Juvenile offenders have limited rights relating to searches. Nature of proceedings- The nature of proceedings in a juvi court is remedial. Trials- Juveniles have closed hearings instead of trials. The right to a jury does not exist. Public Record- Records are sealed and in some instances destroyed when a child reaches a certain age. Conviction/delinquency- Juveniles when adjudicated or found delinquent, are protected and rehabilitated....
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