Essay About Story Tha Black Man's Burden

Topics: Black people, White people, United Kingdom Pages: 3 (983 words) Published: March 5, 2013
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Rudyard is a british poet who was born in british India (Bombay) an december 30,1865. and died in 1936.He was an english shor-story writer poet and novelist. Kipling was one of the most popular writers in england. In the both prose and verse Well, kipling in this poet tried to clarify the benefits and advantages of colonisation, but we will discuss relation between two poems (harisson's "the black man's burden" and johnson's "the black man's burden"). This last is talking about trying to make all the black people civilized and werness ,but all that is a trick and protext to thier goal. Actually what the white people had is damage distruction and masacres. That what kipling asks the united states to take the responsibilty of devoloping philipines. Because of that he told the white man to go there and help and save them from darkness where they live ,and serve the needs of natives. kipling thinks also they are illiterate. In the first section kipling said and clarified many things about colonisation and it's goals (the colonisation the white people of the black people),but the important things which he tried to show to us is the white people's usage of the violence and thier ignorance of the blacks whene they cry, because they ridicule and contemp them all thel time. In addition to the way adopted by whites in treating them by the guns and dangerous weapons to solve thier troubles , kipling said that in other another section: In vain ye seek to end it

With bullets, blood or death
And the exploitation of thier hands, using they...
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