Jewish History

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The 2 main themes in Jewish history
1. Persecution
When we look at the Jewish history all we see is a lot of pain and suffering. Their history is like one tragedy after the other. It all started a long time ago around the time 1800 BCE when Abraham made the covenant with god on behalf of humanity, that basically God would be their one and only God and they would worship him alone. And they were promised to be given “The Promised Land” AKA Canaan/Israel; this was basically the beginning of their suffering because soon after that they were enslaved by the Egyptians and this was the first sign that showed they were gonna suffer for sure. After their slavery they were freed b Moses who led them through their journey to “The Promised Land”, and that journey or their trail is called the “Exodus” if you didn’t know. They traveled in the desert for 40 long and pain years; just imagine wondering the desert for 40 years and this was a whole nation. There must have been a lot of people traveling together in a desert looking for “The Promised Land”, which I got to would be painful for me. Once they got to the Promised Land it wasn’t the end of their suffering there was more, because other countries saw that what they had was nice and they wanted it too. This brings me to my second theme...

2. Perseverance
Even though the Jewish people suffered a lot they were tough they with stood all the pain and suffering and stood by their God the entire time, when they were enslaved and in search for “The Promised Land” until they got they were faithful. I pretty sure they had their doubts here and there but they survived all the suffering. They with stood even the suffering that awaited for them in the Promised Land like their temple being reputedly destroyed and their land being conquered and being forbidden from their practices by the nations that conquered them, but they kept coming back to their feet and say no this is ours and we’re going...
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