1000 words what do black history mean

Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: February 14, 2014
To me Black History means that that's our timeto go out into the world and show that we are all equal, that we have the same rights, and that we can achieve at the save level, even higher then they. Black History is also a time when we get to enjoy the freedom we didn't always have. To those who say that Black History month is not needed or important to have, that're wrong. Why? becasue every month in school or anywhere and life we are learning about the history of the world before and rarely do you see anything about the accomplishments and lives of the blacks. We weren't always slaves, or unsmart, in the shadows, and under achievers. We stepped up and over came those things and fought for the chance to show the world that we are no different from them and to prove them wrong.

Black History is also very important because there is so much about us and so many black people out there that not only fought for blacks, but for whites and others races as well. So this one month that we have out of the whole year, that is our spotlight to be on us so we can show the world we are the same and no different, we can be just as successful as the whites that thought we could never do it. Why would you be going on blacks anyways? or make us the whites' slaves? What did we ever do to the whites for them to treat us the way we did? The whites thought that because we stood out in however way and we went about things, dealt with things, the way we would respsond, etc. thought that we couldn't amount up to anything that they could just push us around. Because of appearence and other areas of stuff to them we were low class. Just because we didnt drive fancy cars or ride nice horses, have bug houses, and nice clothes we were under their standards of life. Well, we dont deserve that! We are just as good and have proved them wrong over the many years. Black History month is a time for us to remind them that we are one, we are equal people, we can achieve and can do big...
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