2. Why Are Fictional Historical Films Appealing to Audiences? Do Audiences Go to Films Like This to Be Entertained or to Learn Something About History? Did You Find the Film Entertaining or Educational? Perhaps Both?

Topics: Black people, White people, Film Pages: 3 (1192 words) Published: April 24, 2012
2. Why are fictional historical films appealing to audiences? Do audiences go to films like this to be entertained or to learn something about history? Did you find the film entertaining or educational? Perhaps both? Explain your answer with specific scenes from the film

Films like gangs of New York are definitely appealing to audiences. In today’s society, where digitalization prevails, it is much easier to capture broader audience with visual masterpiece than as it is with an educative book or lecture on what happened in specific period in history. The question is whether the audience should find this source of information truthful. In my opinion, this can only be a tip of an iceberg. It is an invitation to people to engage in research of their own on what really happened. Viewers can visualize the atmosphere, costumes and how important was religious affiliation, but they can’t get a genuine idea on true historical facts from Hollywood blockbuster source. I think the main purpose of everyone’s trip to films like this is for entertainment purposes. For someone to be truly interested and willing to learn the specific subject, a documentary film, or authentic historians’ papers would be more appropriate source for learning tools. In my opinion, the film was entertaining, but with very limited reasons for me to think that it was recreated as it really happened. The movie opens at Five-district neighborhood in Manhattan, where gang of “Natives” engages in fighting with Irish immigrants. In an opening sequence, a headman of “Natives”, “Bill the Butcher” kills the “Priest”, the leader of Irish gang, “Dead Rabbits”. Without even examining historical accuracies of any scenes of the film I find many contradictory scenes in film. For start the movie shows us how Irish kept their religious affiliation as one of their to priorities. The “Priest” explains to his son Amsterdam how Saint Michael cast Satan from heaven. But just couple of scenes later,...
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