3rd exam terms and notes

Topics: Criminal law, Theft Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: September 18, 2015
Criminal law
Tort law
1) mala in se-
2) mala prohibita-
3) mens rea
4) actis reus
5) priest/rabbi/minister/imam-penitent privilege
6) nolocontendere
7) rico
8) inshowit crime
9) indictment
10) money laundering control act
11) Maranda rights
12) Larsony
13) Beyond a reasonable doubt
14) White collar crime-
15) Robbery
16) Purgery
17) Misdemeanor-
18) Forgery
19) Felony-
20) Extortion
21) Burglary
22) Arson
Statutes – specific laws enacted by congress or the legislative body of the state: generally designed to protect the general public, to violate a statute is to commit a crime Crime – a wrong the minute against society as defined in a statute punishable by fines, imprisonment, or forfeiture of life: a crime is a public wrong; contrast to crime is a tort 1) Treason

Defined by constitution as a high crime; defined as levying war against the united states or giving aid and comfort to the enemy of the united states 2) Felonies
A high crime includes murder, rape, robbery, felony is a high crime in which the sanctions could be a fine or incarceration for more than 1 year and can include the death penalty 3) Misdemeanors
Classified by constitution as lesser crimes; disorderly conduct, trespassing, petty theft. Incarceration for up to 1 year and/or a fine 4) Violations
Least crime you can commit, used to be subsets of misdemeanors, defined as a crime that is neither a felony or misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine. Traffic violation, jaywalking, Tort – private wrong that causes injury to another person’s 1) well being

2) property
3) reputation
Burden of proof for a crime is beyond a reasonable doubt
innocent until proven guilty
Government is always plaintiff in criminal case, because has the most available resources Crimes are also spelled out in statutes
In American legal system a person is not only presumed innocent, the person also has a right to trial by jury of his or her peers In criminal law, the government is the...
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