Acenture Business Case

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Accenture Business Case On IT Project.
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Company and Business Background
Accenture is the world largest multinational management, consulting, outsourcing and technology services company as measured by revenues, with approximately more than 275,000 employees serving different types of clients in more than 120 countries throughout the globe. Its headquarter is located in Dublin, Republic of Ireland which was formerly located in Bermuda. According to the July 2013 report of Fortune magazine the Accenture PLC has been ranked at number 146 in FT Global 500. Currently India is considered as the single largest employee base for Accenture, with a headcount of approximately 87,000, whereas the USA and Philippines are on 2nd and 3rd number with a headcount of 40,000 and 35,000 respectively. Accenture is a member of S&P 500 index and its equity is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Accenture organizes its people and services into three primary cross functional groupings. The client engagement teams of Accenture typically consist upon a combination of capability specialist, industry experts and professionals with local market knowledge. There are four types of workforces that are working in the Accenture for the provision of services to its clients and as well as for its own self in the areas of consulting, outsourcing and technology. The four types of workforces and their functions are discussed here under. Consulting: Provide management consulting, the application of technologies to business and process design work. The unit is also responsible for the delivery, sales and leadership of most of the project based work of Accenture. Services: This unit usually focuses on the outsourcing engagements in the areas of maintenance, business operations, IT and Application development, HR and help desk services. Sometimes they also work as an internal Enterprise team. Solutions: The technology solutions subsidiary of Accenture usually focuses on those specific technology skills that are needed to deliver projects or arrangements regarding outsourcing. The unit consists of a majority of those employees of Accenture that are working in the delivery centers in the developing countries like India, Brazil and Philippines. Enterprise: The unit is focusing upon the supporting and managing of all the activities that are conducted across the Accenture business including facilities, legal, client financial management, security and marketing. Just like most of other consulting firms Accenture is also operating in a matrix structure, where the first axis is assigned to the operating groups which are listed as below. 1. Technology, communication and media.

2. Products.
3. Health and Public services.
4. Financial Services.
5. Resources.
The above mentioned five operating groups are further classified into 39 industry subgroups that focus on applying technologies, industry evaluations and business issues. The second axis is known as the growth platform that refers to the technical and functional domains in which Accenture delivers and creates solutions to its clients. The development of Accenture’s functional, strategic, industry, operational, process and change consulting capabilities is the responsibility of management consulting. The full range of Accenture’s system integration, IT outsourcing capabilities, technology and consulting are unified by the technology growth platform. Lots of specific functions for clients such as finance and accounting, Human resources and procurement as well as other services assigned for the needs of certain specific industry are managed by the business process outsourcing. Business Issue definition and description of proposed IT solution In recent years the development in Information technology and demand for the changing needs of business environment such as decentralization of authority, task integrations, team problem solving, increased...
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