alarming unemploymet amongst blacks

Topics: Black people Pages: 8 (1447 words) Published: March 1, 2015

Ejike Ejindu Ejindu 1 Prof Sam Crowley
Eng 1010-11
2 Nov. 2011
Unacceptable Unemployment Rate Among Black Americans Numerous factors have been linked to the high unemployment rate among black Americans. Some are real arguments, and some are mere fallacies. The three important factors militating against black population in this regard are unfair crime policy, lack of positive mentors, and lack common sense and planning. Though some these factors are thought to be politically motivated, a fraction is self inflicted.

Generally speaking, crime is a canker-worm every society must endeavor to resist or firmly cocktailed. Insecurity of the society reduces investment and environmental patronage from occupants of the state or visitors. Having said that, the punishment meted out to ex- inmates is harsh. Put differently, the freedom given to them confines them to only ejection from prisons. But in the real sense, they are economically alienated from the society they live in. With this reality, a good number of ex-inmates are economically chocked through employers barring them from getting jobs in places of their choice or jobs for which they have a passion. In this respect, unemployment and under- employment continues to ravage this population. The alarming number of those unemployed is viewed differently from different quarters. It is believed that the system is designed by the political class (which are dominated by Whites) to make them unemployable or make it hard for them to get employed. Uncomfortable with the statistics, Ejindu 2 Charlene in his article (“Americans New Slavery”) broke it down: According to “One in 100: Behind Bars in America 2008,” published by the Pew Center on the States, one in nine Black men between the ages of 20-34 are incarcerated compared to one in 30 other men of the same age. Like the overall adult ratio, one in 100 Black women in their mid-to-late 30s is imprisoned. Charlene also believes that their plight is political motivated. This inadequacy in the policy decimates to a large extent, the population of employed blacks.

The second cause of the high unemployment rate among blacks is the lack of mentor and job opportunities in black neighborhoods, especially those that live in the Ghetto. Mentors are an integral part of any progressive society which wants to grow. They practically teach values and serve as role models, supporters, motivators and guidance counselors to younger generation. This is important because it is easier to mould a child’s life than that of an adult. Since a great chunk of black Americans live in Ghetto or low cost houses, they lack a great deal of mentors in their neighborhood. In a piece entitled (“Ghettos”) by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, emphasis was laid on the harrowing experience of the black race in such neighborhood. Nevertheless, the isolation of African-American ghettos from the mainstream city can be quite harmful. Ghettos create artificial barriers that impede critical opportunities for trade and the exchange of ideas, and this deprives residents of the key advantage of living in an urban setting. In addition, segregation impedes the rest of the city from developing advantageous financial, employment, business, and cultural contacts with the ghettoized group. Ejindu 3 In these areas, the role models for kids are street urchins, drug peddlers, street rappers and illiterates. Unguided kids and the younger generation grow up, hoping to be like them. The recycling of this way of life continues to decimate the amount of black...

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