Alfieri Tells the Audience 'Justice Is Very Important Here'. How Does Arthur Miller Show the Importance of Justice in the Play?

Topics: Drama, Audience theory, Performance Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Alfieri tells the audience ‘Justice is very important here.’ How does Arthur Miller show the importance of Justice in the play?

By stating in his opening speech of the play ‘Justice is very important here,’ Alfieri opens the audiences minds to relate justice back to all the events in the book that occur. Throughout the play Arthur Miller shows the importance of justice mainly through Eddie and Marco’s behavior, building up to Eddies tragic death. Through Alfieri’s first speech, Miller allows the audience to acknowledge that in America they ‘settle for half.’ This is explaining the way that Eddie sees justice, but also how Marco, who is from Sicily, would see justice and these differences. This quotation is implying that whatever justice means to the Americans it means more to the Italians. This is foreshadowing the end of the play as it links to Marcos thirst for revenge on Eddie. At the end of Act One, Miller subtly suggests the idea of justice through Marcos defensiveness over his brother and also Eddie’s actions towards Rodolfo. After Eddie hits Rodolfo the audience gets the feeling that he feels this is justice for Rodolfo leading Catherine away from the life Eddie wanted her to have. This is emphasised by Eddie’s use of the word ‘Danish’ to describe Rodolfo. By using this as a nickname Miller is trying to access the point that Eddie is trying to isolate Rodolfo from the Italian community and also their family. The true sense of justice in this scene however, comes from Marco who ‘raises the chair over his head’. This is a clear sense of warning implied by Marco, which is clearly registered by Eddie, ‘Eddies grin vanished.’ This, to Marco, is a feeling of justice coming to Eddie for trying to make either him of his brother feel like they don’t belong. While also foreshadowing what will happen at the end of Act 2. Miller highlights justice as one of the most important things in Eddie’s life. However, he leads the audience to enquire whether Eddie’s desires...
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