American history x

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, Racism Pages: 4 (1394 words) Published: February 4, 2014
American History X
"American History X" is an unflattering and often disturbing look at the roots and consequences of racism. American History X is one of the best movies to address the existence of racism in the most straight forward manner. Like the hard reality that it attempts to mirror, there are no easy answers or simple solutions offered in this cautionary tale. Instead, it portrays the scourge of racism as a widespread problem, decaying and feeding upon itself, resulting in unfriendly consequences both unexpected and tragic. American History X discourses racism in many ways, starting with myth being the main source, which ties into racial profiling and loyalty. Considering a myth was the main reason for all of the racism in the Film, they have a loyalty to the cultural myth that is very hard to break away from. Myth in this film also shows how they begin to discriminate and profile certain raises because of what they were taught. The film “American History X” has to do with 2 brothers Dereck and Danny that are a part of the neo-Nazi gang in Venice, California. Both of these boys started out normal, but after Dereck starts raving about his Black English teacher at dinner, his father starts to put raciest thoughts into his mind and showing his true colors on how he feels towards black people saying its “nigger bullshit” and “you need to watch out for that”. This is the beginning of an influential family myth and the starting reason of Dereck and Danny’s hatred towards blacks.. After their father was killed by a black man, Dereck’s view of mankind is altered. He then becomes a skinhead leader of a violent white gang that commits acts of racial crime throughout L.A. and his action greatly influence Danny. While Dereck was at the grocery store with adult neo-Nazi leader named Cameron Alexander, while white kids are getting beat up by blacks and Hispanic kids. Dereck goes on a rant to a group of skin heads saying “I don't see anyone doing anything about it,...
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