Annual Day

Topics: Childhood, Education, Developmental psychology Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Field trips: Post office, Super market, Traffic Signal, Fire station, Horse stable, Plant nursery, etc. Goals: The goal of MapleBear schools is to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in young children that will serve as a foundation for future success in the education system and in life. In development of the MapleBear program, we have drawn on the best practices in early childhood teaching and learning.  MapleBear recognizes that literacy in English is absolutely fundamental to a child's success in English medium schools.  The MapleBear Methodology is based on the well established principle that children learn through experience and exploration. The program reinforces and builds on this positive attitude by offering varied stimulating and enjoyable experiences.  The knowledge and skills that children acquire by the end of kindergarten, along with positive attitudes to learning that children develop in these early years form the basis of effective learning in later years of school. Aim: This year our aim is "Accelerate Success". We have had a very strong growth year in 2010 and we are continuing to build momentum as we enter 2011. Our vertical segment focus is our children’s key elements en route to their success, Success as your child defines it. Our strategy is working, towards the need of our children resulting in their overall development . Our Facilitators will have a number of opportunities to learn more about our well proven curriculum and its execution. We will share with you our roadmaps, which will allow you to interact, involve and participate as parents. In the past year, we have achieved our mile stones and are setting much more aggressive mile stones for this year. We are open for ideas, suggestions & feedback from you. We want to Initiate, Analyze and Implement. To do this, we need Innovation, freshness. Please partner with us in this journey to Accelerate your child’s Success. Posted by MapleBear Bangalore at 10:39 PM...
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