Anti-Black Violence

Topics: Black people, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 5 (1804 words) Published: September 30, 2013

Anti-Black Violence
Anti-black violence is a horrific part of American history. I think it is important to address this issue because violence against African American population is still happening nowadays. I am raising the topic of anti-black violence because in my opinion, this chapter of the history was not finished with the end of slavery as many of us believe, and I have witnessed it myself. Based on my experience and after having read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, I think it’s important to be united as a society against whoever commits or supports violence against African Americans. Having learned from the history, we all know that the violence against black people had started from the slavery period in 16th century. The Africans got kidnaped, tortured, and treated as non-human beings on their way to be sold as objects to the new masters in the new land of America. Millions of African slaves, who have been treated as animals without any right or any voice, died in the way to the new slavery land because of inhumane conditions in the transferring ships. They had no medical treatment, no food or even place to sleep; placed on overcrowded ships full of slaves (you tube video). African slaves have suffered the violence since then; however, the cruelest violence against black population was from the mid-19th to the early 20th century. African Americans have been lynched, tortured to death, doused with gasoline and set on a fire. In my opinion, the case of Malcolm X’s father, Earl Little, is a very clear example of anti-black violence on the of early 20th century. Malcolm X describes his father’s death in his autobiography, “Negroes in Lansing have always whispered that he was attacked, and then laid across some tracks for a streetcar to run over him. His body was cut almost in half” (Haley and X 10). This description illustrates how cruel and savage the anti-black violence was in America at that times. Malcolm X’s father was attacked just for his black skin color and his political believes of equality. The anti-black attacks still happen from time to time nowadays, and we can’t forget about the incident of the 17 years old African American boy Martin Traven who got deadly shot by a white 28 years old man called George Zimmerman. The white man claimed that while he was guarding his gated community, he saw a suspicious young black male around the place. He called the police, who advised him not to follow the young African American boy; however, Zimmerman followed the young Martin and shot him in the chest claiming that it was self-defense. However, it was George Zimmerman’s DNA, not Martin’s found on the gun. (Muskal web). That illustrates that the claim of self-defense is getting questionable. Hence the question rises, if it were a white young 17 years boy in Martin’s place, would Mr. Zimmerman see him as a suspicious person and call the police and ignore the police’s advice not to follow him and end up killing unarmed boy as a self-defense. Yes, there are not a lot of anti-black violence incidents reported in the present time, however, as a society we need to face and work with each other to stand against those who support the violence. In addition to admitting the presence of anti-black violence in our society, I think it is also very important for our society to recognize, admit, and respect the African American population in America. Also we need to apologize for all the violence against these people. I strongly believe that we, as a society, need to stand united against every race crime, not only against African American, but also against any part of the American social fabric. I have learned very important lessons through my personal experience of anti-black violence. The first lesson I have learned is about getting united with the same people that suffer the same threat I face. I also learned that it is more beneficial to gather with the group of people who share the same...
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