Applications of 3g Technology in the Education Sector: Perspective Bangladesh

Topics: Mobile phone, GSM, Universal Mobile Telecommunications System Pages: 18 (6343 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Study on “Applications of 3G technology in the Education sector: Perspective Bangladesh”

Name: Md. Mahbubul Haque Osmani Faculty of MSJ department, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. Address: 105, 4th floor, Lake Circus, Kalabagan, Dhaka. Mobile: 01716806361 E-mail:

Applications of 3G technology in the Education sector: Perspective Bangladesh ABSTRACT: Bangladesh recently touched a new milestone in Information and Communication Technology with the inauguration of commercial testing of Third Generation (3G) services through the state-run mobile service provider Teletalk. Teletalk will distribute 400,000 (4lacs) 3G-enabled SIMs’ for the capital Dhaka primarily. 3G is supposed to open new windows for mobile phone users. It’s a giant leap for Bangladesh. The advantages of 3G services include faster data connectivity which means one can download faster and web surfing will be a lot more fun. It will give uninterrupted video streaming on phones, enable video calls and big MMSs, hence facilitating optimum usage of data intensive applications which will create a mutual bridge between the education system of international ground and Bangladesh. This paper evaluates how 3G can be effectively used in education in Bangladesh. Understanding the impact of 3G, especially in education, could be seen as strategically crucial for Bangladesh moving forward as the country can enter a new epoch through wider use of 3G.Pedagogues will have central roles to play in taking education forward through the use of 3G and the way ICT is integrated in education. Two key areas will be addressed in this paper: 1. An analysis of 3G and its impact on teachers; and 2. An evaluation of the students’ abilities to think critically, especially when 3G is concerned. The hypothesis of this research work will find the maximum applications of 3G in the education sector of Bangladesh as the key tools for being the Digital Bangladesh. It will represent our modern education system which will be recognized international arena. To establish the hypothesis I facilitate qualitative and survey method. This paper is set in the context of Bangladeshi colleges and universities especially in Dhaka. The colleges and universities will be identified through Purposive sampling. The key focus and emphasis of this paper is on the changes of teaching and learning that will result from the applications of 3G. The findings may be used to enhance the applications of 3G in other sectors in Bangladesh. Keywords Applications, 3rd generation technology, education sector, e-learning

Introduction: Third generation (3G) has dominated this modern world in just a decade. But in Bangladesh it is the inception of 3G. The state-run mobile service Teletalk is providing this facility. Teletalk is distributing 400,000 (4-lacs) 3G-enabled SIMs’ for the capital Dhaka primarily (, 2012). 3G is supposed to open new windows for multimedia phone users. Using the 3G functions there are already so many devices taking advantages. People can perform all the functions in a 3G phone. However, the speed, efficiency and connectivity will be better than before. 3G technology offers us faster connectivity, music entertainment with the best quality and faster internet access. We can easily get other benefits like quick and easy video calling, clearer communication experiences and faster speeds when the two parties are using 3G technology. Generally the First Generation (1G) of wireless technologies is used for the needs of voice services. The Second Generation (2 G) started with digital content transportation but at low speeds. General Packet Radio Switching (G.P.R.S) and Enhanced Data Rates Evolution (E.D.G.E) made it possible to run any educational application at speeds of 128 Kbps (Kilo Bits Per Second) and 384 Kbps. It is the third generation (3 G) that made it possible to run the applications at incredible high bit rates at an affordable cost...

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