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Q1: Describe: Private Members Bills
Individual Member of Parliaments (MPs) is sometimes referred to as private members. They are allowed to introduce or make proposals for new laws that aren't necessarily supported or planned by the government. These proposals are called Private Members' Bills. Basically, Private Members' Bills give MPs a chance to introduce new laws. There are three ways to introduce a Private Members' Bill in the House of Commons: the balloted bill, the ten minute rule and the presentation bill. (i) The Balloted bill - Each year a ballot is held at the start of the Parliamentary session to choose 20 MPs who will be allowed to introduce their proposal for a new law. Only seven MPs at the top of the list will be allocated time in the House of Commons for their bill to be discussed and debated. Should the House of Commons approve the proposal, it could go through the whole law-making process and become a real law. If fact, the best chance of getting a new law made is through a balloted bill. (ii) The Ten Minute rule - Ten minutes isn't very long when you're trying to convince hundreds of MPs that your proposal for a law is a good one. The MP only has ten minutes to present in favour of the proposal they've put forward. Once the ten minutes is up, no further debate or discussion will be allowed. (iii) Ordinary Presentation - The MP only gets to present the idea without any time allotted to talk on it. The MP is not allowed to give arguments or justifications and say why their proposal is a good idea. The MP can only raise awareness of an issue. Sometimes someone else in the government might catch on to this awareness and generate publicity and interest in specific issues. For example, in July 2002 Paul Burstow MP presented a Bill to the House of Commons which called for the establishment of a Children's Rights Commissioner to provide added protection for children across the UK. Burstow's Bill was not supported, but the...
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