Australia's Ageing Population

Topics: Demography, Population, Old age Pages: 3 (1172 words) Published: August 21, 2013
1) Australia’s population and its distribution have varied over the past few decades. Fifty years ago, the population was a lot younger and even though the population was not as large as it is today, there was a higher fertility rate than seen in recent years. Now, the population has greatly increased, with it now standing at approximately 22.9 million, and with this, the fertility rate has decreased to around 1.8 children per women. Due to the lower fertility rate and the increasing life expectancy, you will find that Australia population is rising, but it is also ageing. 78% of Australia is defined as ‘remote’, and due to this, there are major concentrations of people living in or near costal areas. These concentrations are largely around the east and south east of Australia, with a smaller concentration in the south west of the country. This is mainly because of two reasons. Firstly, the costal areas of Australia provide much more comfortable living conditions compared to the arid or semi-arid land in the center of Australia. Secondly, because of the more preferred living conditions costal areas provide, all of our capital cities except Canberra are located in these sort of areas. Australia’s population distribution, both in age and location, is very uneven because of the varied environmental factors and because of the low fertility rate and increased life expectancy.

2) In the population pyramid for 1999, there are a lot more fluctuations throughout the pyramid in comparison to the one for 2056. One of the main differences, and probably the most obvious, is the size difference between the two. The population for 2056 is anticipated to greatly increase from 1999. Comparing the two, 1999 has a lot more curves and points in it due to fluctuations and population concentration over different age groups. 2056 is quite bulged and there are fewer fluctuations, making it less pointed. Both of the pyramids have concentrations in the older age groups, especially...
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