Ban the Box Argumentative Essay

Topics: Criminal law, United States, Employment Pages: 2 (789 words) Published: March 25, 2013
With America being the land of opportunity, the U.S has presented quite a few disadvantaged Americans’ with not so many opportunities. Especially those people of who have been arrested for a criminal crime. This also includes freshly released from prison, probation and/or parole. A study in 2012 shows with one in four Americans in the United States today, have been arrested. (Solomon). That same study shows most Americans being arrested at the age of twenty three. This poses dilemmas as for employment breaks. Another disadvantage that comes to play is the initiative filling out the form of employment (The application). On that application for employment; reads a box that states criminal history, arrests previous to applying, also asks you to report any form convictions and the natures of the crimes. That little box tends to be not only discouraging to an applicant trying to better ones selves, but it also prevents reestablishing, and rehabilitating. From whatever it is they undergo. From whatever might lead up to that background. Whether it is drugs addictions or reasons they performed those crimes, such as a way of survival. Thank fully enough that’s where Ban the Box Act comes into play. This is an act, which removes those horrible anxieties and pressures when applying for employment opportunities. Ban the box should be a federal law because it enables people to find recovery in the job market and not return to crime, and it also puts income back into America that could be used for more imperative issues to this country; also disables employers from discriminating against the job seeker; by seeing that box checked on a form of application for employment.

Originally originated in California; Ban the box yet is involved in over 43 cities in America as of 2012 reports NELP (National Employment Law Project)(see NELP). Minnesota was the first state to apply this bill. It also narrows employers’ liability for criminal records (NELP). Incentives are now being...
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