Barriers To Communications

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Question # 1: Explain the psychological, Semantic & Physical barriers to Communication? Answer:
Communication is a complete process and it requires all the possibilities that the loop between and sender and receiver flows freely. Flows freely means that the message that is encodes by sender and is un intrepidly transferred to the receiver and the similarly the relevant response from the receiver get back to the sender with no interference. Even one work hard to convey a proper message with all the requirements and speak effectively no one be sure the meaning and the objective of the message is deliver and the response is achieved. Misunderstanding, Irrelevant response and undesirable reactions are the consequences of a failed communication exercise. Failure of effective communication results in loss of valuable time, resource and material. The loss of meaning which may block the communication process is often termed as noise. As the same term is used in electronic theory, loss of power, or other condition that can distort the signal as it travels from one point to another. Barriers to communications range from the simple distracting noises to the most complex psychological factors. These barriers may cause a simple communication gap or a total failure of communication. A communication gap can be bridged but retrieval of a situation, damaged by miscommunication would be rather difficult.

The barriers fall under this category includes the following 1. Emotional
2. Perceptions
3. Selectivity
One of the possible psychological block is emotional. E.g. one must be emotion al blocked if he /she are going to announce a new policy and he/she knows that the policy cannot be accepted in general and refused. Or one is asked to be prepare for the most worthy and shift-up presentation of his/her carrier, and the most demanding when you are writing to someone whom you dislike. Emotional barriers are considered very important for the personality of a person. A person is not professional in communication if he is facing such barriers during communication. He must overcome this problem because it is considered as gap in communication. Fear, empathy and vulnerability are emotional barriers and can be overcome with determination. Emotional barriers become active when a person ignores the suggestion or idea of other one. Such person feels that he is alone in this world and no one is here to respect his ideas. His emotions become the barrier for his communication. Besides this, fear also plays an important role as barrier in communication. The fear of talking to higher authority person is very common in people. They become confuse and feel difficulty in sending their message to him. R1 Emotional barriers create the possibility of biasness against you, perhaps because of your youth, sex, race, relatives, friends or even your clothes. Perceptual:

Communication can be broken when the senders intended message is unclear or the receiver perceives it differently than the sender intended. R2 One can ignore the possibility of emotional barrier/block , must cannot deny the perceptual barrier. Every person has different type and way to perceive things. Even the theories of communication work and we all live in same objective world, but where its comes to subjective part there are lot of difference among every individual. We all see the world differently. We all have our own preferences, values, attitudes, origins and life experiences. Seeing things after filtering our own unique life experiences leads to assumptions which creates perception for our own and other as well. One can perceive thing different and other differently, the same bunch of book has different thought to ne audience and different to other. A message that is conveyed or send by sender may have different meaning according to sender but the receiver can get and perceive it differently. e.g. when a specific type of...
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