Beauty of Giselle and the Beast of Lebron

Topics: Black people, African American, White people Pages: 4 (1639 words) Published: May 30, 2008
The Beast of Lebron and the Beauty of Giselle
It has always been quoted from time to time that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, what we see is not always necessarily beauty but sometimes just an individual perspective of the viewer’s sense of the images they see. You see all of these different types of mainstream media that heavily influence and criticize our culture so negatively by the creators and executives who sometimes put there spin on the way we see and view things. Advertisements, movies, internet, radio and TV are sometimes with their images convey hate, racism, and inequality. For example, take Gisele a world’s top model, and a NBA star athlete Lebron James and you put them on the front cover of Vogue’s April 2008 issue with Lebron with his arm around Gisele showing facial expressions of King Kong. Meanwhile holding Gisele resembles Botticelle’s Venus. The result is going to be a buzz of speculation about what we are really looking at when we see this current issue of Vogue Magazine. Although the images of Lebron and Giselle intend to reflect an issue devoted to size and shape their facial expressions, postures, and similarities to past images inflict common stereotypes. First, the facial expression of the Lebron James and Giselle gives the readers and viewers a sense of meaning and interpretation of common stereotypes. It is very evident to say and see that the facial expression of Lebron James on the cover of this magazine issue is a very deranged, crazy, and gorilla-beast image of him that is much related to common stereotypes of African-Americans. These characteristics of stereotypes about blacks have always been linked in media images of blacks. The African-American male continues to be the subject of extensive stereotyping. Such stereotypes are pervasive and reinforced by media images that deliberately discourage and devalue the African-American male as a crazy and out of control beast with a penchant for violence and that all...
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