Becoming a Spanish Teacher

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, Genetically modified food Pages: 4 (1128 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Melissa Rascon
Instructor E. Gooden
Writing 101
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Pages: 294-297,297-301,312-320

1. Rachel Carson main point in “Negotiating the Environment” part I is that the place she is describing might not exist, but what does exist is the fact that every disaster she mentioned has happened somewhere. The story is an effective way to put this point across because the reader can get the idea of what could happen and how the world will look if we don’t take care of it. Her main argument in part II is that humanity is destroying nature with all the contamination and substances being used. She does appeal to logic and reason. She gives examples of what could happen and she establishes reasons of why we should believe her because she gives facts and not just her opinions.

2. Al Gore is saying that global warming is a reality and that there is evidence to it. He says that we can actually help solve this problem. The photographs showed in the article are images of what is happening with the world. “Ten Things to do to Help Stop Global Warming” contribute to Al Gore’s argument by telling how we can help solve the issue. In contrast, Christopher C. Horner describes the climate change as something that is not a big deal and it’s something normal. I think Al Gore is right because I believe that global warming is a problem and it’s real. Horner makes me doubt about everything he says because his tone is kind of annoying and it seems like even he is trying too hard to convince people.

Pages: 322-324

1. George Will’s main point in “Dark Green Doomsayers” is to explain how the climate has changed over the years and what have been some of the causes of it. “Because of ‘ominous signs’ that the earth’s climate seems to be cooling down,” meteorologists were ‘almost unanimous’ that the trend will reduce agricultural productivity for the rest of the century.” “As global levels of sea ice declined last year, many experts said this...
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