Betrayal: Race and Black Women

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Black people, White people Pages: 2 (851 words) Published: November 6, 2013

To this day interracial dating has been an issue all around the world. Particularly, in places such as China and India they are strict about going outside of their class to date or marry. But most of all many black women feel that many or even all black men are being stolen by the Caucasian women. Most black women believe that it is best for there to be pure black couples so the generation can evolve. Others say that while that black women are angry because they have been hurt by black men leaving them for women. But my opinion, like others, is that I don’t really care as much or even bother to think about interracial couples. The essay, “Betrayal” by Bebe Campbell is about a group of women coming to a cafe and they see a black man walking in with a white woman, and they are full of fury. Bebe Campbell speaks in depth about the subject of interracial couples and the fury of black women. My reaction toward interracial couples is different from Bebe Campbell; because I believe in freedom of choice, self-acceptance, and ownership.

In some places, there is no choice of who you can date or marry. For example, if you were from a family of strict Asian descent and you wanted to date outside your race you probably would be forbidden by your parents to do so. Usually their customs is to date and have an arranged marriage with their own ethnicity. I understand the fact that some countries follow a certain custom, but there should always be a freedom of choice in who you want to date. Also, some towns in the Deep South wouldn’t even dare to date the opposite race because there is still racism and terrorism going on. Those places are still to this day segregated by race in every way so they believe it’s best to keep blacks with blacks and whites with whites. However, in the past most black people believed that they should couple in their own ethnicity to keep pure black families and strong black couples alive. There is nothing wrong with that choice either because...
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