Black Belt Analysis

Topics: African American, Race and Ethnicity, Human skin color Pages: 2 (578 words) Published: December 2, 2013
This painting focuses on the night scenes and crowd scenes, heavily influenced by jazz culture and skin tones of women and women themselves because they were not focused on around this time. This painting annunciates skin tone as something diverse, inclusive, and pluralistic. Documenting women of varying blood quantities like octoroon, quadroon, and mulatto. From the first look Motley takes viewers outside one of Bronzeville’s many nightspots. He gives you the cigarettes and cigar shop. A restaurant you can drop in to eat at that’s connected to the hotel. You can see people congregating by the buildings hang out, chatting having a nice time enjoying the night. There is a blue taxi at the stop light just in case someone needs a ride. With this being a night scene oil painting, Motley uses various forms of dark colour contrasts. The background is not very detailed. The sky in the background fades down to the street and the streets fades up to the sky. There is also no difference in the street and the sidewalks because they’re both painted with the same the colours. The actual focal point when you look at painting, your eyes immediately goes to the line of people standing outside the building. You look to the left and see a man bending down receiving the newspaper or to the right to the man standing beside him with his hands in his pockets with a despair/sorrow look. This man possibly feels this way because there is no one to accompany him for the night or he’s out of money. There is also man with a blue suit and white gloves that’s holding his hands up telling the hold before crossing the street like traffic director. Since Motley shows emphasis on the women skin tones with use of sfumato. They are dressed with form a fitting dress that shows off their figures. Motleys uses various forms of light and dark colours for the women dresses. You see them in red, yellow, light green to show off their skin tones. You see more of them pictured versus the men. The men...
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