Black Boy Essay

Topics: White people, Black people, Father Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: December 16, 2013
Black Boy Essay
The book, Black Boy, is about a young black boy named Richard Wright that grows up in the South where discrimination is everywhere. Black people would be punished just for looking at a white person in the wrong manner. They could be arrested or beaten by the cops. Wright’s childhood was not like other children’s. He was black and was treated different because he was black. His father really wasn't the good fatherly type. Richard’s father worked at night and slept during the day so he never took time to spend with Richard. Richard was a rebellious young boy. He never went with the flow and did what he wanted. He would go from job to job trying to find one that didn't have discrimination. He was a fighter and wasn't afraid to stand up for himself, which got him into trouble often with his mother and other white adults. However, he also accomplished great things with these characteristics. This made him a stronger person and taught him to stand up for himself and his beliefs. He acquired great skills with his can do attitude. His will to never give up helped him through the many obstacles in his life.

His father, being one of major obstacles, caused trouble for Richard. He never really liked his father because he was always yelling at him. At one point in the story Richard had taken in a stray cat and his father said, "Kill that damn thing!" (18). His father only wanted the cat gone, but Richard wanted to prove the point that his dad was cruel and mean, so Richard hung the cat and left it there for his parents to see. His mother made him barry it and told him that he would never be able to be forgiven for what he had done. If his father was a bit more caring and not so aggressive all the time, Richard would have just gotten rid of it instead of having to kill it.

Richard’s rebellious characteristic was shown in this incident with the cat. Richard was also rebellious in the fact that people should be treated equal no matter...
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