Black Boy Isolation Essay

Topics: Black people, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: April 1, 2012
In Richard Wright's book, "Black Boy," the main character who also narrates the story is Richard himself since the book is written from his point of view; we find out a lot about how Richard feels and get detailed accounts of how he reacts to the things that happen to him. Even though Richard tries hard to relate to all groups of people around him, he cannot because he is so different, so much more independent and strong willed than the masses around him, these and other forms of isolation help shape Richard Wright’s character throughout the novel. In Richard's neighborhood when he lives with his grandma, the thing that separates him most from everyone else is religion. Richard decided he is an atheist at a very young age, which also demonstrates his ability to think independently, even under pressure. He is persistent and stands by his view, because he cannot relate to the one imposed on him. He says, "Perhaps if I had ... remained basically unaffected."(pg 112) Richard believes that religion cannot give him anything more than he already has, so he rejects it as pointless even though everyone around him is trying to persuade him to accept God or else "lose his soul" and countless other threats. But, Richard is strong and doesn't pay attention to any of these threats, which in a way separates him from his entire neighborhood. This and going to a religious school where all his peers have dry personalities, contributes to his isolation as a child. And, since he does not believe that God cares about him, this may increase his loneliness even more. So Richard starts to look to other things, such as writing, as a way to create a world for himself in which he does not feel isolated. Another group that he feels very far from is his immediate family. Ever since Richard was little, he has been beaten, threatened, scared and hungry and he mostly associates these feelings with members of his family. Because of the lack of love around him, Richard cannot believe in true...
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