Black Caribbean Children Experience Significant Disadvantage in the British Education System: Discuss

Topics: Education, African diaspora, Black people Pages: 4 (1267 words) Published: May 23, 2010
Black Caribbean children experience significant disadvantage in the British education system. Discuss

In a Guardian article (January 2002) by Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, she mentions how African and Caribbean children enter the education system doing as well as whites and Asians in tests until they reach the age of 11 when the descent begins. While some people blame gang culture and rap music for the decline of educational achievements amongst black pupils, specifically black boys, others take a different view also including institutional racism in the education system. The education system in the united kingdom is dominated by the W.A.S.P profile ( white anglo saxon protestant) and this is prevalent in educational material used in schools and the structure and prospective of the lessons themselves. Lessons plans are lacking in the subject based required for our multi cultured society and have become substandard. Black Caribbean children in our schools are being taught a history that they have no experience of. This gives them nothing to relate and aspire to. This can often be one of the contributing factors to children acting out as they have no interest in what they are learning which would in turn effect exam results.

For years MP Diane Abbott and black parents as well as black groups and organisations have called for more black teaching staff in schools to provide black children with positive role models. Abbott has argued that white female teachers are not use to dealing with young black boys who are usually physically bigger than white boys for their age, which can intimidate them; while others have argued that teachers perceive black boys in a negative light based on media stereotypes.

In some cases, shortcomings in the curriculum may cause underachievement and disaffection. A number of witnesses thought lessons were not always relevant, or sensitive, to young black people's lives. Some mentioned the lack of black...
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