black creative production

Topics: Black people, African American, Art Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: May 3, 2015
Morgan Graves
AAS 101
27 April 27, 2015
Black Creative Production
Karenga defines art, in terms of Black Art, Music and Literature, as “cultural production informed by standards of creativity and beauty and inspired by and reflective of a people’s life-experiences and life-aspirations”. Put more simply, Black art is an expansive term describing the visual arts of the Black community. Black art also includes the Black aesthetic which can be defined as a distinctive mode of artistic expression and a distinctive standard by which Black art can be identified and judged in terms of its creativity and beauty as well as its social relevance. Karenga claimed that Black art has to have three basic characteristics in order to be considered authentic and appropriate; in which art had to be functional, collective and committing. Black art has to be reflective of our actuality, of our struggle to achieve a higher level of life. Black art must be drawn from our collective history and roots that reflect us all as a group. And finally, Black art must make it an obligation for Black people to achieve liberation and a higher level of life. The Harlem Renaissance produced race and socially conscious artists that indulged in their Africa roots to define a Black motif for their specific works. JACOB LAWRENCE

In the 1930's there was two main art groups, realism art and abstractionism art. Lawrence rejected both of them and created his own style. He depicts human figures, usually African Americans, displaying their struggle including messages are of human triumph over oppression and injustice. Although his paintings often relate to the history and experience of black people their themes are universal. Lawrence also made murals for his story telling. Throughout most of the 20th century, art institutions within black communities were the only places that exhibited the work of black artists. If other galleries did have black exhibits they were singled out as "Negro artists"...
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