Black Like Me

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Racism, White American Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: February 19, 2014

Changing the way a society views itself is one of the most difficult tasks one can accomplish. Throughout history only a handful of people or organizations have been able to accomplish such a feat. In the Black Like Me, Griffin experiences many derogatory actions against him because he was an African American. Specifically, there are three times that Griffin was treated poorly because of his skin color. Because griffin published these incidences in his book, he was able to enlighten society regarding the true essence of the problem of racism in America.An incident that really showed America the persisting problem of racism was when Griffin tried to cash a check but was rudely denied the right to do such on several occasions. It’s clear that this was a racist remark because Griffin, an African American, knew that as a White man he would have never been treated with such incivility. Another proof that the Whites considered only skin color is because every time he walked into a store they became sour as it says, “Their smiles turned to grimaces” (pg. 47). This really showed America that the segregation and bad attitude towards African Americans had nothing to do with nature of their character, but rather only with the colour of their skin. This really opened up America’s eyes about the ugly truth of racism We see another incident where Griffin was again viewed in a bad light and therefore, was forced to take a certain action. Once when Griffin was boarding the bus, the driver told him to move to the back of the bus. There was no interaction between the driver and Griffin that could cause a reason for Griffin to be treated differently. Clearly the only reason that he was sent to the 3back of the bus to sit was because he was African American. This again disproves the theory that they actually judged the African Americans by their attributes. The fact that he was sent to the back of the bus also symbolizes that White Americans thought of African...
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