Black Men and Public Spaces Summary

Topics: Affirmative action, High school, White people Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Angelica Brantley
English Composition 1
Assignment 2.3
Jay Johnson
Considering the Formal Writing of Others and Applying What We Learn Part One – Black Men and Public Spaces
The purpose of this story is to let everyone know about the stereotypes and opinions made about black men. I had no idea that people really were so scared by black people at night so often. I can understand being scared if you’re walking alone at night. I even get scared when I’m walking alone at night, but I don’t discriminate on who I’m scared of. If I see a White, Hispanic, Japanese, or Chinese creep man I’m going to be just as scared of them as if I saw a black creepy man. Creepiness is truly universal.

The main audience for article could be the actual black men being stereotyped in the essay. The people who are scared of the black men could also be the main audience. This essay could show those people that not everyone is bad and that it hurts to be stereotyped in such a horrible way. The black men that actually give people cause to be scared would also be the perfect audience. Maybe this essay can open there eyes to what they are doing to themselves.

Part Two – The Assignment/Generating Ideas
The Assignment
1. High school
2. Getting put out of the house
3. Dealing with my family
4. My dad died and all I have are his favorite marbles
5. My great grandmother’s funeral
6. 3rd grade
Topic – High School
Thesis – High school was fun, but I never really did that much. Purpose – Inform people that even though you didn’t do well in high school you can still do something with your life. Audience – teachers, students, and people who have lost hope about high school or any other school Detail- my experiences in high school
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