Black Men in America

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: December 11, 2005
Black Men in America

I am writing about black men in America. Today's black men have a struggle. They are struggling with colored men and stereo-type. The one thing about black men in America is that they are fighters. They won't give up without a fight. They will try to prevail in anything that they want do.

Black men in America are struggling with being colored. They have to be the best at all they do without imitating the white man. They have to play it smart in everything. If a black man is too smart he could lose. For example, on the show ‘The Apprentice' Kwame was a very educated black man with an M.B.A degree from Harvard University. He was a finalist with a white man who had a bachelor degree from Indiana University. Kwame lost ‘The Apprentice' job because in the words of Donald Trump Kwame was over qualified. That sounds ridiculous to me as a black young lady. We have to give our all and more just to be enough now we're over qualified? This is basically saying to our black men they will never be equal to a white man. How can this be when black men built the so called "United" States of America? When blacks got free white men didn't know what to do with their land. They had no way of knowing how to raise crops and pick cotton. Yet, a black man can't measure up? Had the situation for Kwame and the white man had been different Donald would have fired Kwame for not being educated enough. Our black men will always struggle in America. Black men should come

together and change our future. They lead our black women and little black children. We look to them for guidance.

Our black men are stereo-typed not only by whites but blacks too. Whites believe that every black man will steal from them or beat them. They believe our black men are thugs and belong in gangs. I believe that white men fear our black men. They know that if our men get educated enough we could take over. I'm not saying they will make them slaves or anything of that nature. I'm...
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