Black Men in Public Spaces

Topics: High school, Black people, Classical music Pages: 2 (913 words) Published: October 14, 2011
"Black Men and Public Space"
My Life Changing Experience
Jennifer Casiano Olin
South University Online

In "Black Men and Public Spaces” the author describes circumstances that often result in fear. The fear is coming from other people not from the author, as the Staples (the author) walks around the neighborhood he notices people fear him due to the fact he is a black man. At first the looks and people crossing the street to get away from him bothered him but he found a way to keep positive and calm, he uses music such as Beethoven and Vivaldi who are popular classical composers and whiles those tunes while walking down the street. He figures that someone who is whistling classical music cannot possibly be thought of as a thug or criminal. Many people are too quick to let other peoples thoughts bother them but there is a way to keep positive and let it roll off your shoulder. Every day people are affected by the way, others think of them, some try to change who they are to please others but I believe you should be you and never change for anyone. You will never be able to make everyone happy but as long as you are happy with life and your surrounding nothing else should matter. I have had to learn how to be positive and never let others get in my way of success in life, by just blocking them out or ignoring them and just doing what I needed to do. Growing up I was very independent my parents worked a lot and where never around, so when I needed help with something such as schoolwork it usually was a problem. My grades then began to suffer so many people though I would not graduate high school and if I did, I would not go to college to better myself. For me hearing all the negative comments made me stronger and made me want to successes, just to better myself. There have been plenty of times where I know I let people get under my skin, but I learned to control that emotion by over powering it with a more positive attitude. Having a...
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