Black Men & Public Spaces

Topics: Black people, Race and Ethnicity, White people Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: November 1, 2010
Black Men And Public Space by Brent Staples

I chose to write my literature analysis about this story because it truly fascinated me. Brent Staples uses his own life experiences as a black man to draw a conclusion on how black men are treated in this society. The author makes it clear that he is convinced society was against him and used what might have been a nonracial instance to often utilized their mistrust of the white race. If you think about Dark alleyway, we often think of it as a perfect setting for muggings and rapes. I know surely If I were in the same environment, especially at night, I would, as Brent Staple 's assumed victim, also have been frightened. I wouldn’t be scared because of a black man was behind me, but mostly because it was dark and in an alley. We are told growing up to stay away from dark alleys, dark places and especially away from places we are unfamiliar with. I can’t believe that Brent Staples would use the excuse of being black in a dark alley as a reason for white women to be scared of black people. If he were to be in someone else’s shoes and watched what was going on, but instead being a black man a white man, he will then see that its not because of the skin color. Merely the fact that it is dark and in an alley. Women are not taught as a child to watch out for black men ' but to be careful around any men, especially in dark alleys! Brent is mirroring his own theories upon society and it is quite clear that Brent Staples is firm in his belief that the world sees him as a threat and walks around on egg shells, always gathering information to support his views. He Speaks about how he grew up in poverty, the eldest of nine children in Chester, Pennsylvania, is giving the impression that he grew up in poverty because he lived in Chester, Pennsylvania and that his brother was a drug dealer who was murdered he is stereotyping. He is giving the impression that if you grow up in a specific black area, that there will be crime in...
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