Black People and Civil War

Topics: Black people, White people, Slavery Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: March 12, 2014

Black Codes
The civil war ended in 1865 May 10 when the confederates surrendered to the union. After the civil war was over all of the slaves became free. They were call freedman. In some states they were not one hundred percent free though. Even though the slaves became free white people still did not like them and they were very racist to them. In Mississippi they had black codes which restricted blacks to do many things.

How did whites attempt to reimpose bondage on their former slaves? The African Amercian's were not allowed to rent or lease land and if they did they would be sued. The African Americans were not allowed to marry white people. If they did they would be guilty of felony and be sentenced to state jail for life. Whites still needed some labor help so they offered blacks to do some labor work and they would be payed. If the blacks were hired to work longer than a month then both the worker and the owner would have to have a written contract. If the worker quit before the contract was over without a good cause then the worker would have give back all of the money they got payed from the owner which is awful because blacks could get injured and the owner would not care and want the money they payed them back. Even if it was one day before the contract was over, but the owner would have really cruel to have done that. If the worker violated the contract than any white can arrest him and bring the black to jail. Blacks that were under the age of eighteen that did not have parents to provide and take care of them then the original owner can take the minor into their home and be their legal guardian. The owner was not allowed to give the minor cruel punishment. If whites see blacks who don't come to work, get drunk in public, leave families, or misuse their money earned then they can be fined one hundred dollars and will have to go to jail no longer than ten days. If whites caught blacks over the age of eighteen living with whites or if they...

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