Black Power Movement Usa

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Cultural Diversity

Black Power

From the start of our country African Americans had been beneath white society. The civil rights movement of the south put an end to segregation and gave African Americans the same rights as an Anglo American legally. Racism and black segregation were still very much alive though, and if African Americans were ever to be treated as equals they would need to liberate from white society and truly empower themselves. This was the Black Power Movement.

The movement for Black Power started during the civil rights movement in the 1960s. The movement was made up of several different organizations and spoke persons with a variety of ideas and views differing from that of Martian Luther King and the civil rights movement. They felt that the civil rights movement to end segregation was not enough and many black power advocates rejected the civil rights movements’ ultimate goal of assimilation. They believed that white racism and institutional discrimination would always be a part of American culture and society, and did not want to be integrated into the very system that for centuries oppressed, denigrated, and devalued blacks. The Black Power movement was built around ideas of racial pride and Black Nationalism with groups working to increase African American control over schools, law enforcement, welfare programs, and other public services in black communities. They felt that to be equal they must liberate and truly empower themselves on there own terms in order to gain power and stand up to the dominant group. Advocates of Black Power were open to the use of violence in order to achieve there goals, which was in direct contrast to the non-violent approach demonstrated by Martin Luther King jr. ,leader of the civil rights movement.

The first popular use of the term Black Power as a social and political slogan came from Stokely...

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