Boyz N The Hood And Black Freedom Fight

Topics: Black people, African American, Racism Pages: 6 (2604 words) Published: December 3, 2014

Boyz N the Hood and Black Freedom Fighters in Steel have many common themes between them. At first they don’t seem to have anything in common, but as you look at the two they relate very much and in many ways. In both the movie and the book black Americans came together to fight a common struggle and lived in area filled with poverty, racial comments, and stereo typing along with hate, violence and racism. They both have characters that have dreams and hopes of a brighter future and accomplishing goals that seem unreasonable. Though both stories take place during different eras they both have commonalities. They both tell the story of struggle of black people trying to survive in a world filled with hate and displacement. The two main themes I believe that the movie and book both have is the theme of hope and hopelessness. In this paper I will address these two common themes and how they play their role in each the book and the movie. In the movie hope and hopelessness is symbolized in many ways as to the affect of growing up black in an urban city during a violent time. In the book hope and hopelessness is shown through the coming together of black people to strive for a better future not just for themselves but for future generations, even though there are many obstacles and hurdles that are trying to hold them back from accomplishing their dreams and goals. In the movie Boyz N the Hood, it follows the lives of five friends that grow up in a time and place filled with struggle, racism and oppression. Three of those main friends are Tre, Ricky and Dough Boy (Ricky’s Brother). Each of these boys all deal with many similar situations and have dreams and hopes. But they all have their short comings in life, having to leap and jump through many hoops in life. The setting for the film was set in South Central Los Angeles which displays what it is like to grow in a black American community during the nineties in one of the most dangerous places to live during that time, were drive by’s, drugs and gangs are very prominent and daily issue. The movie addresses what it is like to be a young black American man growing up with hopes and dreams in a hopeless situation. Each of the main characters has something they have to deal that many of today’s youth can relate to. One thing that brings the characters together is the struggle that they have to deal with on a daily basis. Not just being black oppressed men in a black oppressed community, but being young under the poverty line men in inner city America with struggles that most people over look because it does not affect them in the way it affects these young men. The boys represented in the movie had came together in close friendship and helped each other face their daily lives in a in the inner city streets of South Central Los Angeles. In the movie two of the themes that exist hope and hopelessness. Hope is present even when there is nothing to hope for. In the movie hope drives some of its characters to better themselves and make their life better then what it is and to hope for a brighter future, even though everything around them seems to be out to get them and hold them back. Tre being the main character of the movie was a young black man growing up with an identity crisis in some ways, not confident in his decision making and struggles with his daily life trying to make the right decisions. In the beginning of the movie it showed young Tre in school setting getting into a fight with another student during class. It was depicting the scene that Tre had no discipline, later showing that he was growing up with his mother who after the incident took him to live with his dad so he could grow up learning to be a man. Tre’s farther portrayed in the movie as a take no crap kind of guy; is a leader of the community in a way and try’s to coach young Tre into becoming a good man who can make solid decisions in his life when he gets older. Tre finds himself facing many decisions in...
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