Business Models and Systems

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Lyle Gutknecht

Business Models and Systems

There is a local thrift store that I Frequent and their business system consisted of three main components. Every business such as the Thrift store has a business model that includes its business commerce, occupation, and organization. Business commerce is the process where goods and services are produced. Since Used clothing and furniture are the goods and the store is the provider of said goods which takes money from the customer for said items. Business occupation is the acquired skill set to provide value to others. Customer service is the acquired skill, so people will pay to have an exceptional experience. The last component of the business system is the business organization. This Thrift store is quite small and not many other in the area. It advertises in the local area and has probably only five or six employees. The business organization is the relationship that coordinates the interaction between consumers so they have a common goal. The Thrift store also has a relationship with the people that offer there old clothing as a donation. With each business the model is going to be different because they each offer a different set of goods and have a different set of skills to meet the need of the consumer. With each company that starts out they have to look at how they can offer the best service or product to bring in consumers and keep them coming back. Allowing the relationships that each business has with the consumer makes it easier for other business to see how to better themselves based on the reaction of the consumer after each visit. Recently I have noticed that the thrift store has began to raise its prices above what many people can afford so now you can see the difference in business and profitability
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