Can a 6 Year Old Form Criminal Intent

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Can a 6 year old child form Criminal Intent|
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This case study goes back to reiterate the points I made in the previous assignment that the Safety and welfare of a child is very important. It is the obligation of the parent or caregiver to ensure that the child is raised in a safe and loving environment, free from any form of physical, mental, or emotional abuse. According to the Assistant Prosecutor for the 8 North Juvenile Court in Hempstead County, Hope, Arkansas, “There are two things that are required to hold someone accountable for a crime. First, the person has to have a “vicious will” (the intent to commit a crime). Secondly, the person had to commit an unlawful act. If either the will or the act is lacking, no crime was committed.” Mrs. Taylor stated that, “children under the age of seven could not be guilty of a felony (a felony is a serious crime such as burglary, kidnapping, or murder). Children under the age of seven have been considered below the age of reason, and therefore unable to formulate the criminal intent necessary to be held accountable for criminal offenses. Multiple factors are at play in development that prevents a six year old child from being held accountable for his actions. Young children are unable to regulate emotion, control emotional impulses, or view circumstances form another’s perspective. Children six years of age are unable to develop intent based on biosocial, cognitive, and psychosocial aspects of the developing brain and mental process, and cannot be held legally accountable for crimes they commit. The biosocial factors include the inability of a child this age to control emotional impulses and injury control; cognitively, children are unable to view the world outside their own perspectives; and psychosocial factors include emotional regulation. The brain of a six year old has not yet developed. Lateralization is still in the early processes of...
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