Cheap Home Meals

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Fast food Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: December 2, 2012
“Cheap Home Cooking”

In “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?” By Mark Bittman, Bittman is expressing his views on how eating wholesome meals at home is healthier and less expensive than buying junk food from fast food restaurants. In his article, Bittman is stating the facts that healthy eating is affordable and can be obtained. He writes about how buying meals for a family of four from a fast food restaurant like McDonald’s can cost twice or even triple the amount as eating a simple and healthier meal at home. Brittman says that buying chicken, vegetables with a salad and milk will cost very little and if you substitute that for a healthier low sodium meal you can save even more. People need to realize there is a way to change our terrible eating habits.

People will come up with every excuse possible not to cook at home. Bittman writes how people believe cooking is a choir and they do not have the extra time to cook. He argues that “The smart campaign is not getting McDonald’s to serve better food but to get people to see cooking as a joy than a burden, or at least as a part of a normal life.” In my opinion, that is very true. Not only would that encourage healthy eating but bring a family closer. Also, a big problem is that highly processed food are cheaper and addictive where, fresh grown food prices have increased. Bittman writes “As with any addictive behavior, this one is most easily countered by educating children about the better way.” He goes on to say that children are not born with bad habits and as adults we can break the food.

The truth is that fast food restaurants are the same distance as going to a grocery store. People are not going out of their way to buy healthy food and there is no excuse. Brittman explains what efforts are being taken to change the way people are eating. He says efforts are everywhere. Organizations are securing affordable food for low income families, building fresh food outlets and are teaching young people how to...
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