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The two crimes that I have decided to do my final project on is rape and homicide. The meaning of homicide is the unlawful killing of one person by another, in other words murder. The meaning of rape is to force an individual into participating in sexual activities without consent. In this essay I would be addressing what is required from the investigator when investigating these two crimes, the specific natures of the investigations for these two crimes and the nature from the prosecution with the suspects of these two crimes in a law setting.

When an individual has been involved in a homicide, it’s best to have empathy and be compassionate towards the victim’s family and friends. When some has been a victim of rape, the investigator should approach the victim in a sensitive manner and understand that the victim is in an emotional state. It’s fine to ask the victim questions pertaining to the crime and the suspect(s) that could possibly be involved, but that’s only if the victim is comfortable with releasing this information. The investigator could get the victim’s testimony to use in the court of law. Caution should be used for transmission, collection and prevention from the beginning to end. It’s best that investigators be very careful so that the evidence does not get ruined or destroyed when being transferred to the lab. Respective labs is where the evidence is analyzed by DNA Specialists, fingerprint technicians, forensic pathologists and evidence specialists. When an individual has been rape, semen, blood stains and skin cells would be collected from the victim. In the process investigators are required to keep their journal in a certain way and ink pens are the only utensils that could be used. If the investigator makes a mistake then they would cross the mistake out with one single pen stroke, so that the error could...

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