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PhillipTodd Layfield
Kaplan University
Professor Maloney

This topic of civil action and criminal action has been a little confusing for me, the more I read about the differences between the two the more I slowly start to grasp just exactly how different they really are. According to the text book civil law is set forth to protect the individual instead of the public also a civil action is brought up by the individual and not by any state or prosecutor (Lippman 2006). From what I understand this basically happens when an individual wants to sue another party when there is not enough evidence to criminally prosecute or there was not a true criminal act in play, but rather just an injury to a person or their property.

Criminal action takes place when convictions will more than likely result in the loss of someone’s liberty or cause damage to an individual’s reputation and their standing within their community. A few examples of this would be rape, murder, assault, burglary, arson and larceny, all most all of these examples happen to be felonies but these are the best examples of a criminal law actions that I can think of. One of the major differences between civil action and criminal action is that, in civil action the purpose is to repay an individual to replace or fix the damaged or lost property or emotional or physical damages. The purpose for criminal action is to punish an individual for the harm that they have caused weather it was just property damage or physical/emotional damage caused to another individual or individuals. In Criminal action the players involved are greater than the players involved in civil action, you have state prosecutors and district attorneys that get involved for criminal actions and in civil actions you can represent yourself or have an attorney represent you but the state and district attorneys stay out of it.

I have decided to make a fictional scenario to talk about,...
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