Common Law and Revision Questions

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Revision questions for NGC1 element 1 Foundations in health and safety These will probably be the first set of revision questions that you attempt. The questions are, as their name indicates, intended to help you revise the main points of each element. Having said that, many of the questions could also be found, little changed, in your Certificate examination. Past examinations

Actual past papers must form an integral part of your revision programme as you prepare for the examinations; your tutor will advise you on obtaining past papers and will then mark and
comment upon your attempts at the questions - undertaken
under ‘examination conditions’ if you please (ie without reference to course materials and carried out within the usual time constraints). The first ‘actual’ past examination you might attempt is the ‘sample examination paper’ that you will find in the NGC Guide - we have a model answer for this sample paper,

prepared for us by a long time NEBOSH examiner.
Analysis of past questions
Also remember to consult our analyses of questions that have appeared in the NGC examinations over recent years. Patterns of questions emerge as similar questions may occur on a regular basis. It should be emphasised that, even though the syllabus changes, the great majority of questions from the last five or six years will still be relevant and could thus re-appear little changed in your examination. (The major exception here relates to pre2005 questions on fire legislation in unit NGC2 - don’t attempt these.)

The separate ‘Past papers,
Practice papers’ leaflet (above)
provides the student with a
range of ‘real’ past papers to
attempt and submit to the tutor
for comment and discussion.

Revision questions
Note that the revision questions are simply to test your
knowledge on particular areas; they are not intended to be
examination-type questions in terms of either style or length of answer required.
In fact, NEBOSH examination ‘questions’ are actually
instructions rather than questions. A key part of the instruction is the ‘action verb’ (describe, outline, list, etc), which is intended to indicate the depth of answer required. Thus, instead of asking ‘Which organisations enforce health and safety law in the UK?’ (see Question 4 below), a NEBOSH ‘question’ might instruct you to ‘List the organisations that enforce health and safety law in the Make sure you also consult UK’.

the series of leaflets in which
we analyse the examination
Generally, our element-by-element revision questions fall into questions of recent years.
‘syllabus content’ order. Here they are for element NGC1/1 ...

NEBOSH NGC1 element 1
Revision questions


Question 1
Outline three reasons for maintaining high standards of health and safety in the workplace.
Question 2
Why do you think that good standards of health and safety are not always achieved?
Question 3
Distinguish between health, safety, welfare and environmental protection. Question 4
Which organisations enforce health and safety law in the UK? … and, as a supplementary question, which UK bodies prosecute health and safety offences in the courts?
Question 5
List the powers that an HSE inspector can use to investigate whether there has been a breach of health and safety law.
Question 6
What actions might an HSE inspector consider when s/he believes that a breach of health and safety law has been committed - and what might determine the actual course of action taken?
Question 7
Make two lists, one headed ‘criminal law’ and the other ‘civil law’. Now take each of the 20 items below and place them under the heading that you think most appropriate. You should end up with an equal number of items under each heading and, if you are careful about the ordering, they should form complementary pairs:

Time limitations usually apply
Purpose is to settle disputes and / or to
provide a remedy (eg compensation)
Concerned with the rights / rules
of Society...
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