Community Corrections

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Probation and parole are two alternatives to incarceration. Many jurisdiction are looking more to probation as an alternative to incarceration and early release through parole to reduce the size of the prison population. Probation and parole officials are there to help offenders return to society and ensure compliance with the terms of the offenders’ release. What are the primary goals of using community corrections supervision for probation as an alternative to incarceration? What are the primary goals for parole or correctional supervision following release from jail or prison? Primary goals of probation. There are many goals for using community corrections supervision for probation as an alternative to incarceration; however, the main goals are to reduce the rate of crime. According to Families against Mandatory Minimums (2013), over 40% of offenders leaving prisons will commit another crime and return to prison within three years. Understanding the problem and getting help for the offender with prevent new crimes. Other goals are: Strengthening families and the community, savings to taxpayers as well as giving the court systems other options for sentencing (Alternatives to Incarceration In A Nutshell, 2013).  Primary goals of parole. The primary goal of parole and correctional supervision is to allow individuals to re-integrate into society without any difficulties. Many times after an individual has served enough time in prison, the parole board may determine that an individual may be released. When an individual is released they are given the opportunity to finish serving their sentencing in the community under controlled conditions; parole/correctional supervision is part of the rehabilitation program, it is a mechanism to manage the risk of parolees to the community, and it’s an incentive to continue good behavior. Rehabilitation and re-integration are the main focus to everything. How important is it for offenders who are no...

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