Community service 2015

Topics: A Great Way to Care, High school, Education Pages: 4 (1217 words) Published: May 3, 2015

Community service is a great way to impact the world through simply being there to provide your service generously. Community service is a way to give back. Over this school year I have been able to do a lot. In my first year attending ROMC I thought that finishing that many hours were almost impossible. I even thought about changing schools back but overall it was the best decision and experience and I am very glad to be Bulldog. During this school year I’ve tutored others from my previous high school, helped my former band instructors, develop relationships with exceptional need adults and elders, helping make younger kids who aren’t as gifted enjoy Christmas like everyone should, and giving back with volunteering at the zoo.

Spending time with students from my previous high school is okay, but when that student accepts you, as a peer that will teach you selfishly is completely different. I had a chance to spend time with a student who was on the same educational year as me and was ranked right under me when I went that school. What is amazing is because I have left an average high school and strived for something more, with that decision my learning process has increased not that it was bad in the first place. That allowed me to be able to teach things that maybe didn’t come as a easy and understanding topic to them. I personally hated to take history but because I had Mrs. Bates as a teacher my eleventh grade year, honors class was taken to a whole new level. The skills that I had learned helped my student over the time period. I also helped with ACT and SAT. To have someone first have a 14 on their ACT but when your helping them study and teach them other strategic skills that you’ve learned from your previous English teacher. All of that helped out in the end. Not only did he learn but also he appreciated and respected me regardless of age just like the band did.

For the past two years I’ve assisted with band. At first as I said before, I didn’t...
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