Computer and Small Children

Topics: Computer, English-language films Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: September 27, 2014
Sentence Transforming
Re-write the sentence, using word in brackets, without changing its meaning 1. He had a very traditional upbringing, didn’t he? (brought) 2. John missed the ferry because his car stopped working. (broke) 3. It’s Daisy’s job to look after small children. (taking) 4. Mary eats very little so as not to gain weight. (put)

5. It was such bad news that Susan suddenly began to cry. (burst) 6. Whose suitcase is this? (belong)
7. Do you have a good relationship with your neighbours? (get) 8. I found this film quite disappointing. (let)
9. The book was not as good as he had hoped. (come)
10. He has had numerous operations. (operated)
11. I haven’t decided yet whether to go to the party or not. (made) 12. A lot of pupils at school have got flu. (gone)
13. I don’t think Jane’s story about meeting the President was true. (made) 14. At the start of the fire, no one seemed very worried. (broke) 15. The computer system has caused quite a few problems for us. (come) 16. There isn’t enough space in this room for a big cupboard. (take) 17. It has always been her ambition to write a successful novel. (dream) 18. She won the first match easily and then became the champion. (went) 19. If you don’t take care of those shoes, they won’t last for long. (look) 20. You’re so lucky to have inherited all that money. (come) 21. He referred to his notes before answering the question. (took) 22. Tim frequently invents ridiculous stories like that! (make) 23. I offered to help her but she said, “No, thanks.” (turned) 24. Please don’t stop your work. (carry)

25. Was the film as good as you expected it to be or was it disappointing? (live) 26. No more staff are being recruited at the bank at the moment. (taking) 27. When are you going to come to a decision about learning French? (make) 28. It’s difficult to see what Peter is doing because it’s so dark. (make) 29. Jack has become confident as a result of his success. (turned) 30. The inventor found a solution to the...
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