Country Lovers - Analysis

Topics: Black people, South Africa, White people Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: June 3, 2014
Country Lovers – Analysis
Describe the two physical settings - the river and the farmhouse - and include details such as nature, plants, temperature, light -dark, colours, various objects, how things feel etc.

In Country Lovers the river is a symbol of a new beginning in life, the innocent childhood and the discovering of sexuality. For Paulus and Thebedi the river is essential for their childhood. This is the place they meet and discover new aspects of life together. As it is written the river is “a good spot for children’s games” (l.52 p.2). All the bushes and the trees are described positively and lively, which makes the nature and atmosphere pure and peaceful. The river is full of light, happiness and joy. It is the place where Paulus and Thebedi feel free, so it’s the perfect place for exploring there youth without any concerns about skin color.

The farmhouse on the other hand is a symbol of the more serious adult phase of life filled with darkness and danger. As it is said the farmhouse is “an old one, thick-walled, dark against the heat” (ll. 99-100 p. 3). The house is very cold, filthy and messy which makes the atmosphere very negative and dark. “The sitting-room curtains were drawn and the T. V. set silent” (ll. 105-06 p 3). It is like a scary movie where everything around this farmhouse is filled with danger.

Use your description to explain the difference in atmosphere in these settings and how the difference reflects the development of the love affair.

The river is kind of a place of freedom where everything is legal for Paulus and Thebedi, whereas in the farmhouse it feels like a prison for them. The river is the place of opportunities and the farmhouse is the place of restriction. The river is warm but the farmhouse is cold. This also reflects in the development of the love affair between Paulus and Thebedi. In the childhood when they played around by the river, there relationship where filled with love, innocence, harmlessness...
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