Courtroom Workgroup Paper

Topics: Criminal law, Law, Judge Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: August 22, 2015
Courtroom Workgroup Paper

Jesse Wilkie

A courtroom workgroup in the U.S criminal justice system is an informal arrangement between a criminal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and the judicial officer. The courtroom working group seeks to bring justice to all. It ensures that all parties are accorded due fairness and equal opportunity regardless of gender, race, age, religious affiliation nor any other factor. They also see to it that trials are completed successfully.  These individuals are grouped into two categories. These are the professionals and the outsiders. Professionals are the court officers such as the judges, attorneys, public defenders, defense attorneys and court reporters.  I believe that the criminal prosecutor, defense attorney, and a judicial officer make up the most common courtroom work group. The daily interaction of this group is to make sure that rules are being followed in each group. Also making sure it is given in a timely fashion. The courtroom work group needs to work in order to offer plea bargains and select jurors. A few changes that I think would be beneficial is increased security in courtrooms during trial of the violent offenders. Another recommendation is that matters that are not related to courtroom such like personal businesses and relations should be kept out of courtroom. Lastly, I feel the presiding judge should also maintain utmost impartiality to ensure objectivity in the courtroom. In my opinion these will all be highly beneficial in improving the courtroom procedure all together.

There are three main roles that a prosecutor utilizes. These are as follows; investigating crimes, evaluating them to determine whether a legal proceeding should be initiation on the basis of the available evidence or not and then appearing in the courtroom. The prosecutor uses the prosecutorial discretion process. Through this process, the prosecutor evaluates filed charges and corresponding testimonies and...
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