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Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: April 11, 2013
On November 16, 2012, I observed a court hearing of 14 cases. Some of these cases dealt with people who committed crimes such as aggravated assault, Acc involving Death/ Injury, Terroristic threats, Retail theft, conspiracy theft, Resist Arrest/Other Law Enforce and Knowing/ in Mftr/Dist of Design Drug. For the case of Comm. V. Helen Cole was a Retail Theft crime. The defendant Helen Cole was at Sears and stole items such as clothes at the store. She was ordered not to go to the Sears again and she got a year of probation since she was never involved in any other type of crime. Retail Theft is shoplifting (also known as Shrinkage within the retail industry)of goods from a retail establishment. For the case of Comm. v. Beth Bonsell was an Acc Involving Death/ Injury crime. The defendant Beth Bonsell was on Bald Eagle pike and hit a car that was coming the other way. This resulted in the driver and passenger being servilely hurt, the driver and passenger were rushed to the Altoona Hospital. Beth was charged for the crash and for not being properly licensed. Acc Involving Death/ Injury crime is a crime in which you harm others or you flee the crime in which your harm others. For the case of Comm. v. Devin Keith was a Conspiracy Theft crime. The defendant Devin was at a Sheetz a gas station in his car with possession of a case of beer. He was charged with DUI, underage drinking and public drunkenness. The defendant Bac was at a 0.194%. A Conspiracy Theft is a crime in which you commit robbery.

How these issues which held in court are important in the criminal justice system is for the reason that these are everyday crimes that people continue to commit. It’s the criminal justice system job to maintain public order and uphold personal freedoms. If it does not uphold public order, it will be like the fourteen cases I observed in the courtroom. These people would commit crimes without any consequences if that was the case. If it did not uphold personal freedoms...
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